Acquisition Assessment


• What commitments do you make when you embark on an acquisition project ?
• Have you measured the consequences of an incorrect or bad assessment ?
• Do you know the basics of business acquisition ?
• Do you master all of the variables to conduct a convincing negotiation ?
• Does your administrative approach take advantage of all your rights and financial aids ?
• Is your assessment always objective ?
• Are you sure that the selling price you are offering matches the market price ?
• Have you opted for the most advantageous legal status for you and your company ?

Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution. 
Our solution is divided into several stages :

1. Our firm’s reputation and on-site support during your negotiation appointment with the salesperson
2. An analysis of the business plan and financing plan
3. Valuation of the targeted acquisition and analysis of the terms of the confidentiality agreement
4. An opportunity study of buying back business assets or stock in the company
5. The calculation of the tax impacts for the buyer
6. Accounting, tax and social audits
7. Price actualizations and an assessment of the selling agent

The benefits of  Fogex /André le Groupe

With our ACQUISITION ASSESSMENT assistance, your Chartered Accountant accompanies you in your acquisition project and provides you an objective view of your project.

You do not waste time acquiring information and you remain confident when making decisions about the targeted project.






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