You must guarantee the reliability of your financial information to reassure your partners, to fulfill a legal obligation or for a particular need?

Method, rigor, dematerialization and caffeine ... to prevent risks!

Fogex /André le Groupe and its statutory auditors certify the regularity, the sincerity, and the fair presentation of your annual financial statements.


What’s the purpose of a statutory audit service?

• Certify the reality and sincerity of the accounts
• Reassure your partners about your financial situation
• Prevent financial hardship
• Evaluate the company's accounting system and internal control
• Establish legal and regulatory attestations

The + of Fogex /André le Groupe

Our auditors at Fogex /André le Groupe have a signature of trust.

In addition, our auditors are qualified, dynamic and have excellent interpersonal skills.


Exemples of statutory audit assignments

• Capital requirement adjustments
• Mergers - Uptakes - Splits – Transformations
• Contribution controls
• Depositary certifications and certificates
• Issuance of convertible bonds
• Audit and implementation of internal controls
• Special Reports ...




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