Commercial Management Software


• Have you ever lost information about your customers ?
• What were the consequences in terms of costs, time and disorganization ?
• Can you provide a business quote with your management software while you are on the road ?
• Is your sensitive data fully protected ?
• Is this data accessible only by authorized employees ?
• Do you think that you would lose more than just a bit of turnover ?
• You invoice manually, it makes you waste time and you can’t control unpaid invoices ?
• Does your business management software cost you too much ?
• Do you quickly get an answer to your questions through an available and effectiv contact ?
• Are equipment, maintenance, protection and backups only counted in Euros ?



Our solution

A good line of questioning is the basis of any solution.
Our solution is divided into several stages :

1. Online business management software
2. Maintenance of your software
3. Hosting your solution and your data
4. The protection and backup of your data regularly
5. 24/7 business management access
6. 2h of annual accounting support
7. The assistance of a real specialist

The benefits of Fogex /André le Groupe 

You access your business management via the Internet. You log on to our secure portal with your username and password.

No more purchases, no more installations, no more maintenance, no more time wasted, you no longer manage updates or backups and you benefit from the support and assistance of your accountant.






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