Real Estate / Construction

Real estate and construction markets are intimately related and require a particular care with the daily management of structures and their projects.


The Knowledge of your problems

Real estate and construction markets require a precise management of resources and capacities to stay competitive. We provide you specific solutions at you market to perform, to preserve your increase and we give you the best possible response to your contractors' obligations :

  • Funding
  • Set up a salary mutual
  • Manage cash flow
  • Recruit
  • Research aids and grants
  • Protect the heritage of leader
  • Optimize taxes
  • Set up an analytic accounting
  • Acquire or transmit a business
  • Pilot the activity
  • Social audit
  • Communicate
  • Knowledge and skills
  • ...


The changeability of real estate and construction is a factor that should not be neglected in your management. For many decades, Fogex /André le Groupe provides long-term support to professionals who have the same constraints and contraintes et problems as you.


A recognized expertise

Fogex /André le Groupe has supported and accompanied its customers for decades in their respective projects. Acquisition, management, development, transmission... we offer a range of services to meet all your business and personal needs.

Our teams of specialists enable us to fully respond to your requirements on the following matters: accounting, social, fiscal, legal, IT, marketing, succession planning and statutory auditing.

Fogex /André le Groupe build at your side the futur of your profession and ensure your serenity..


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